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Isn't it nice to be able to host a party, that is not only fun but also practical all at the same time? Establishing a new life and a new home can be a real challenge. Thankfully your guest of honor has a friend like you. One who is willing to plan, arrange, and host a party that will create a lasting memory and help stock her new home with the vital things she'll need.

And while this is the source of the tradition bridal showers are as varied and imaginative as you are. Because of how unique tastes are you're sure to have a list of expectations. Some will be met, others will have to be improvised. Thankfully when it comes to invitations you're options are anything but limited. No matter what you have in mind the chances are good that with a little searching you'll find what you're looking for in no time.

The following designs are currently some of the most popular options. But they are far from everything. Just take a moment and start browsing the wonderful assortment of designs. You're guaranteed to find something that will catch your eye.


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Make Your Shower Shine

Setting all of the tradition aside for a moment, you will surely see the draw a shower offers for all of the participants. For you, you get a chance to show your friend you're there for her. Not only as the maid of honor, but as somebody who truly knows who the bride is. As hostesses we go through a great amount of effort to organize a party that will be special, memorable, and fun. It is an opportunity to honor the bride to be, and it is a chance for you to honor your friendship.

For the guests it is just as personal. It provides close friends and family a chance to spend a relaxed, less formal, day with one another. A chance to play silly games, to laugh and to cry. Because bridal showers are a very sentimental time as well. And all of this needs to be done now, before the big day. Before their daughter, sister, niece, or friend walks down the aisle and joins them again as a married woman.

Showers are a great time for the guests to share advice, anecdotes and support. It is also an amazing chance for them to feel helpful, providing useful items, many might wish they had had when they got married.

Depending on the planning you have put into the bridal shower you may be able to give the guests hints as to what type of gifts to bring. One option is to stock the kitchen, while another may be organized to shower the bride with lingerie. Still those are just two of the potential party types. As we have said, a bridal shower is as "you-nique" as we are, and they are never a one size fits all event.

Today it isn't uncommon for hostesses to tailor the shower to the guest of honor. Determine which type she would like and plan for that. This will be more memorable than throwing the same shower your grandmother received. Some simple ideas include: BBQ (excellent for couples showers), rustic, and even classic parties.

Still there are a few things to keep in mind when you are addressing the envelopes and preparing to send out the invitations.

  1. Aim to host two months (eight weeks) before the wedding. Though it isn't unheard of to host a flash shower that takes place as late as two weeks before the big day.
  2. Shower guests need to also be invited to the ceremony. Make sure to check with the wedding planner to make sure you don't break this etiquette rule.
  3. The invitation should state if it is ladies only, or a couples shower. Today this isn't always understood and it helps to clarify and ensure that you don't end red faced.
  4. Plan a relaxed and fun shower. Stay away from over planning activities, etc..

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