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Bridal Shower Invitation | future Mrs. II Personalized Invite

Bridal Shower Invitation | future Mrs. II Personalized Invite

When you have found a design you like it's time to start editing. Price, paper options (including: size, quality, and form) as well as quantity will appear on the next page.
Step 1
Is it time to start editing? Excellent. Click on the image, edit button, or zoom to go on.
Step 2
Editing the design couldn't be easier. All of the important aspects are covered. And you'll soon be zipping along designing the invitation you had envisioned. If you want more editing options, you have them. Further customization* can be had by replacing, moving and adding your own images and decorations. *On all applicable templates.
Step 3
Once you're satisfied, you've set your invitation quantity, your paper and other options have been finalized then you're ready to place your order.
Ordering is as simple and easy as the creation process. Payment options include: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, & American Express
Once you've finished and the order process is completed your design will be sent to the printers, where within 24 hours it will be printed and shipped.More

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Product Information

Simple Modern Bridal Shower Invite, this is take II on the original future Mrs. Invitation. Easily customizable using the customize it button, change background color, text color, text size, text spacing, to suit your occasion. Shown in size 3x5, feel free to use size 5x7. This invite is off black. See take I below...

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