Bridal Shower Invitations


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Yellow & Gray Bridal Shower Invitations

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Picking the Best Bridal Shower Cards

As the one picked to be the maid of honor? One of your jobs will be to host the shower and you should acquaint yourself with the stationary you have. Bridal shower invitations are one aspect of a shower you might feel is well covered. But what do you need to get? If you need to compliment the shower, customizable designs like the the invite found on this page are a must. Of course there are other choices out there, however.

This is probably my favorite color scheme. It is both subdued and at the same time free and inviting. Both of the colors can easily be mixed with other colors for good combinations but together they are at their strongest. If you're going to be celebrating a shower and you're not sure what color scheme you're going to be using yellow and gray is definitely worth a moment of your attention. And these invitations are a good example why.

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