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Privacy Policy

The safety and privacy of personal data has a special value for us. The collection, processing and usage of personal data shall only be undertaken with the consent of the individual or due to a legal obligation. Should anonymous or pseudonymous data be needed for business purposes, then only these forms of data shall be used.

We do not store personal data itself automatically. If you visit our website, we may temporarily store non-personally identifiable data for the purpose of system security such as the the web pages you visit, the date and duration of the visit, data about the the web browser you used, as well as operating system and the web page from which you visit us. Personal information such as your name, address, phone number or e-mail will only be stored, if you have provided this information voluntarily, e.g. as part of an information request.

Personal data you provide may be used solely for the purpose of technical website administration and to fulfill your wishes and requirements, thus primarily to respond to your request. We don't share, sell or transfer your personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary for the purpose of the contract or unless you have explicitly consented. Your personal information will only be kept as long as neccessary to fulfill your request.

Upon written request you will be informed by us what information we stored about you (such as name or address). For questions or concerns, contact us here.

For information concerning disclousre please vist this page.

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